The National Black United Front (NBUF) stands in solidarity with the sisters and brothers of the Democratic Republic of the Congo during #CongoWeek 2018 and beyond. NBUF encourages everyone on the African continent and throughout the diaspora to Break the Silence and organize to end the continued exploitation and theft of the natural resources of the Congo by Western/European corporations. Coltan, the main resource for many of modern societies electronics such as cell phones, laptops and tablets is found primarily in the Congo. The Congolese are the number one workers in the minds and fields to harvest the mineral, but are the least benefactors of their labor. NBUF is calling on all its members and supporters to do one or all of the following:


  1. Make a financial contribution to Friends of the Congo

  2. Attend the National Black United Front Sankofa Study Circle session on Congo Week. Tuesday October 16 7:30 pm Emergence Community Arts Collective 733 Euclid Street NW, Washington DC. Click here to register.

  3. Visit the website congoweek.org and learn about the history of the Congo by European colonizers.  

  4. Share Congo Week information across your social media platforms.

  5. Boycott the companies that are exploiting the Congolese people.  Click here for a list of institutions.  

Finally, NBUF is calling everyone to take notice of the Five Points of Attention as to “Why the Congo Matters.”

1. The Congo is a central storehouse of strategic minerals for the functioning of modern society, particularly as it relates to the mining and technology sectors. We must demand that foreign countries and corporations implement humane policies toward the Congo.

2. The Congo sits in the heart of Africa and is bordered by NINE other countries, therefore as the Congo goes so does the rest of Africa.We must work with the Congolese and other Africans to make sure that the Congolese and NOT external forces determine the future direction of their country.

3. The Congo has a history of being pillaged and the people being used as fodder in a rush for natural resources. The Belgian king, Leopold II, ruled over a death chamber from 1885 - 1908, when conservative estimates put the number of Congolese dying as a result of Leopold's personal rule at 10 million. During Leopold's era the resources at the root of the suffering of the Congolese were ivory and rubber, today it is coltan, tin, diamonds, gold and copper to name a few. We must put a stop to mass murders in the quest for riches. To profit at the expense of the people is destructive to the human spirit.

4. Western nations under the auspices of the cold war assassinated an elected nationalist leader (Patrice Lumumba) and put in place a brutal dictator (Mobutu Sese Soko) and propped him up for 37 years while he brutalized the Congolese people and systematically stole the riches of the country. Surely, these nations have an obligation to make sure that international networks and actors refrain from undermining genuine Congolese leadership aiming to create a decent way of life for the average Congolese.

5. The rapes, slaughter and savagery being committed in the Congo are affronts to the human conscience. Every individual and leader in the global community should be ashamed and outraged that we have allowed an estimated 6 million Congolese to die since 1996 as a result of a resource war. As human beings in a so-called civilized world, we can and must do better.


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National Black United Front

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